Conventional Computing systems

DataData Back up, multiple times daily, automatically performed and stored on off site servers.Absent, infrequent or inadequate back up.
FilesSecurely & Professionally backed up, stored and managed. Access your complete desktop from any computer connected to the internet.Limited to your PC hard drive.
SecurityUnrivaled Threat Protection against viruses, spyware, hackers, spam and more. Professionally Managed, Monitored and Updated.Unmanaged Basic Protection susceptible to outside threats.
SoftwareMost software included, installed, upgraded, & maintained with your account subscription by Cistra’s Team of Technical Professionals. Reduce costs by utilizing only what’s required.User purchased, installed, upgraded & maintained. Restricted number of install points.
PC Theft or FailureNo software or data loss – back to work in minutes from any PC connected to the internet.Sensitive data & software loss or damage resulting in down time, vulnerability, privacy concerns, & unexpected recovery costs.
E-mail ProtectionProfessionally Managed – Superior Protection against spam, viruses, and phishing.Store purchased programs provide limited or no defense, and even worse block legitimate e-mail.
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Cistra flow Diagram 3
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