In today’s business world, computing is a critical and essential component of the day to day operations and the success of any company. Computers are no longer a curiosity, but a necessity.

The challenge for today’s business owner is to maximize on and protect their IT investment while minimizing down time and threat to company information. Proper protection of highly sensitive data, security and system stability are forefront concerns.

Cistra takes the conventional way of computing, virtualizes it, secures it, provides additional features & points of access, thus converting it to a stable worry free computing environment.

For User’s it’s that simple; for Business Owner’s and Management, the reasons to switch to Cistra Innoterm are more than compelling.

Security & Back Up:
Automatic Data Backup, multiple times daily, coupled with Unrivaled Threat Protection against viruses, spyware, hackers, spam and more.

Efficiency & Cost Savings:
Reduced or eliminated up front costs associated with software purchases due to Cistra’s subscription based software program. Hardware upgrades are no longer required to run more advanced software packages since these programs run on our secured servers rather than your computer.

Securely access your files, data, e-mail, and software from virtually any computer connected to the internet.

Reliability & Low Maintenance:
Cistra Innoterm is a stable, worry free environment maintained and supported by our highly trained and certified technicians. Most IT maintenance costs can be eliminated.

IT Budget Stabilization & Scalability:
Fixed monthly charges per User means more stable budget forecasting and reduction in unexpected IT costs. Expansion of your computing environment is as easy as requesting additional user accounts, which can be set up in as little as 48 hours, and at a fraction of the cost of convention system expansion.

Competitive Advantage:
Enjoy all the benefits of Enterprise computing without having to purchase and maintain servers, or employ IT departments. Systems such as CRM’s, ERP’s, Microsoft Exchange and other enterprise software just became accessible to businesses of almost any size.

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